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If you make Guitar Videos your prayers have finally been answered.

"Pickup Generator" allows you to show a beautiful Graphic Overlay of your pickups, pots & switches clearly, cleanly and precisely onscreen taking your videos to a whole new level of engagement.

These plugins are built for use with Final Cut Pro it's perfect for YouTubers, Instrument Manufacturers, Teachers, Play Thru Videos and more.

Don't have Final Cut Pro? That's ok. Contact us and we can provide the graphic overlay for you.

Built by musicians for musicians.
This is Pickup Generator!

How it works

What is Pickup Generator?

Pickup Generator is a plugin for video editors who create guitar based content. As with all innovations throughout history, this plugin was born out of wanting something that did not previously exist. In-depth explanations can be confusing for beginners and can feel condescending to advanced players when explaining the ins and outs of what the pickup switch does to the sound of a guitar and which pickups it activates. Our plugins give you more time to let your viewers listen to you play and teach them the information then need to learn visually by seeing exactly what you are doing onscreen rather than having to tell them.

You simply find the make and model you're after in our web store, make your purchase and after installing the plugin you will find located under Generators tab in Final Cut Pro. We have a large and constantly growing range of models available from the biggest brands in the business each rigged with simplicity in mind to help speed up your workflow.

Each Pickup Generator plugin is laid out on screen match your Guitar right down to the knobs, pole pieces, bobbin colours and switches just as they came out of the factory. No more turning your head sideways to view which pickups are active. No more guess work of volumes, tones, coil splitting, mini switches and push/pull pots. Pickup Generator has them ready at your disposal.

The tutorial video below demonstrates how to apply and edit the plugins. If you have any further questions feel free to message us through our Facebook page, Instagram account, by email or even on the built-in messenger function on this website.

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