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*** This version is the same as our "408 Ultimate Options Pack" accept the defult settings are to Scott Baker's personal 408.


Our "Ultimate Options Packs" are exactly that. You can make any configuration of a Paul Reed Smith 408 guitar with the following options.

  • Pickup Coils can be set to any combination of Black or Cream on both pickups and either coils
  • Pole Pieces can be individually selected between Screws or Standard Pole Pieces in either Gold or Nickel 
  • Pickup Rings can be selected between Black or Cream
  • Pickup Ring Screws, Coil Tap Split Mini Switches and Pick Screw colours can be changed between Black, Gold or Chrome
  • Volume and Tone Knobs can be either the PRS Black & White/Clear or Amber
  • 3-Way Switch Knob can be changed to Black, Cream or White


NOTE: This plugin works exclusively with Final Cut Pro, version 10.4.9 upwards is required for compatibility. Any prior versions of FCP (FCPX) may work, but are not guaranteed by

408 Ultimate Options Pack Scott Baker Edition