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If you require a Custom Plugin for your PRS with McCarty Switching because you have different Pickups, Pole Pieces, Knobs or Colours of parts please contact us on:



  • Both the Volume and Tone pots rotate and their values can be set via Keyframes.
  • On the Pickup Switch slider can also be switched via Keyframes. The values are as follows...

 0. All parts and positions on for demonstation

  1. Bridge Humbucker
  2. Bridge Split Inner Single Coil
  3. Twin Humbuckers
  4. Bridge and Neck Split Inner Single Coils together
  5. Neck Humbucker
  6. Neck Split Inner Single Coil

(The Push/Pull pot will automatically engage on positions 2, 4 & 6 for the Single Coils)


IMPORTANT: This plugin is designed exclusively for use with Final Cut Pro version 10.4.9 and above is required to have access to features. Our plugins will work from 10.4 and up, however you will not be able to see the outline on any push/pull pots when they are engaged. All other functions will work fine.

Custom 24 3-Way Toggle Basic