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  • Suitable for anyone with a PRS that has EMG pickups and splits the coils.

    Mexican female Guitarist "Jimena Fosado's" custom guitar parameters...

    • Chrome covered EMG pickups with no Pole Pieces
    • Cream Pickup Rings/Surrounds
    • Dome volume and tone knobs in Chrome with a Blue dot marker
    • Push/Pull switch on the Tone pot for splitting the Bridge pickup
    • Push/Pull switch on the Volume pot for splitting the Neck pickup


    See the additional image for the Published Parameters of this plugin.


    NOTE: This plugin works exclusively with Final Cut Pro, version 10.4.9 upwards is required for full compatibility. Any prior versions of FCP (FCPX) may work, but are not guaranteed by

    Jimena Fosado PRS CUS24 with EMG