With this "Mega Options Pack" you can create a Graphic Overlay of the pickups, knobs & 3-Way toggle switch for pretty much any Factory Built Twin Humbucker model Les Paul model.


Features - of which there are MANY

  • All Volume and Tone pots rotate and their values and opacity can be set via Keyframes.
  • On the Pickup Switch slider can also be switched via Keyframes. The values are as follows...

 0. All parts and positions on for demonstation

  1. Bridge Humbucker
  2. Middle Single Coil
  3. Neck Humbucker


All parts colours can be changed within the Plugin's Parameters by the user so you can replocate the look of any Les Paul with the follow options - or watch our video for examples...

  • Individual Check Boxes to switch betweem "True or Compact Placement" of the 3-Way switch and the Pots
  • Select between Covered or Uncovered Pickups as well as selecting the colours from: Black, All Black, White, Cream, Chrome & Gold
  • Pickup Pole Pieces can be changed on each coil individually with a choice of: Standard Poles, Screws, Thin Hex, Wide Hex, Wide Blade or None (watch the video to see examples)
  • Change the colours of the Pole Pieces on each coil: Nickel, Black, All Black, Gold, White
  • All Dials can be changed from a wide range of choices including: Speed Dials and Top Hats a variety of colours (again, watch the video for examples)
  • The 3-Way Toggle Knob, Switch Parts and Name Plate/Base can all be chaged to a variety of Factory Colours
  • Pickup Rings and their Screws can all have their colours changed to replicate your guitar


IMPORTANT: This plugin is designed exclusively for use with Final Cut Pro and we recommend using version 10.4.9 and above to have access to all features. Our plugins will work from 10.4 and up, however you will not be able to see the outline on any push/pull pots when they are engaged. All other functions will work fine.

**However there are no Push/Pull pots on this particular model so you will have no issues**

Les Paul HH Mega Options Pack