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PRS 408 - 6 String


If you require colour variations beyond the preset colours and hardware as shown in the photos above, check out our "Ultimate Options Pack"... click here. It's fully customisable!!



  • Slider for 3-way Pickup Selector with 4 positions

 0. Defult Display setting to show all options

  1. Bridge Pickup
  2. Both Pickups
  3. Neck Pickup
  • Individual Humbucker / Single Coil Split sliders for Bridge and Neck Pickups which moves the switches and sets the pickups accordinly

         * this way you can set any of the 8 combinations of a 408 model

  • Individual Volume & Tone level sliders
  • Opacity sliders for each of the Volume, Tone, 3-Way and two Mini Switches


Click here for our tutorial video here


NOTE: This plugin works exclusively with Final Cut Pro, version 10.4.9 upwards is required for compatibility. Any prior versions of FCP (FCPX) may work, but are not guaranteed by

PRS 408

  • For use exclusively with Final Cut Pro. This plugin requires FCP/FCPX ver. 10.4 and above and OS: High Sierra or newer.

    That said, it will work on earlier versions, however we can not guarantee compatibility with earlier systems than stated above. As this is a digital product all purchases are final and we do not offer refunds.